Picture Book: Sherman’s Amazing Garden

Sherman's Amazing Garden

I published my second picture book! It is available on Amazon.com.
It features cute garden critters and little mini-stories about them. Very simple and easy to read to your baby or preschoolers. This book is simpler than the first book, Smuckles’ Garden Camping Adventures, which had more of a story arc that might appeal to slightly older kids who could pay attention. This second book is more about the pictures and will be shorter.

A picture book for preschoolers

Buy this colorful picture book on Amazon.com

I refurbished Smuckles’ Garden Camping Adventures! It has a new font, one fewer typo (there was only one), and overall easier readability. Get your copy of the newest edition now! Smuckles and five of his best friends go camping. There’s a spooky campfire story!

Smuckles' Garden Camping Adventures is easier to read with better pictures! Everyone will love the new drawings.

Smuckles’ Garden Camping Adventures

Smuckles’ Garden Camping Adventures is the story of several slug and snail friends who decide to go camping together. The story starts out with lots of laughs but pretty soon something scary happens! Follow the adventures of Smuckles von Smee and pals as they encounter some spooky stuff on their camping trip. Get the book on Amazon in paperback or Kindle format. Learn about the hilarious gang on Monsters.net.