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Books that I have published on either in Kindle or Paperback format. Buy a book and laugh it up! They are all funny. There are two picture books for preschoolers, and one pictorial travel book for general audience.

Smuckles’ Garden Camping Adventures is available in paperback as well as Kindle format. This fun picture book about camping is full of shenanigans, silliness, and sound effects for reading out loud. It has bright and funny pictures and a surprise at the end!

Sherman’s Amazing Garden is available in paperback as well as Kindle format. This picture book is about Sherman’s favorite spot, the backyard garden, and all his pals. There are colorful drawings and surprises on every page.

20 Ways to Have a Great Vacation is only $2.99 in Kindle version. It is a collection of tales of my travel throughout the country. See a moose! See a bear! Have a laugh. Illustrated with tons of pictures. Buy the book!

Picture Book: Sherman’s Amazing Garden

Sherman's Amazing Garden

I published my second picture book! It is available on
It features cute garden critters and little mini-stories about them. Very simple and easy to read to your baby or preschoolers. This book is simpler than the first book, Smuckles’ Garden Camping Adventures, which had more of a story arc that might appeal to slightly older kids who could pay attention. This second book is more about the pictures and will be shorter.

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