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Caves are one of the last unexplored territories on earth! Besides our oceans, there are very few places with as much unseen territory as caves.

Because they are so difficult to get to, they often remain unspoiled by trampling feet and human development. There are many detailed mineral formations and beautiful objects in caves. They also provide valuable scientific research. See the full set of cave photos from Mona Island, California, New England, and Mexico.

Clarksville Cave, New York

This is a cave in upper state New York that I used to visit often. Clarksville is a fun, muddy, cold, wet cave. There are narrower tunnels in Clarksville than the one shown below, but this photo captures the cave best.

Caving used to be my life. Every weekend I would haul ass to either in upper state New York (when I was in Boston the first time many years ago) or to Sierra Nevada (when I lived in California more recently). I was a weekend warrior. I was OK with being cold, wet, dirty, and uncomfortable, in pursuit of an outdoor experience.

I stopped caving because I now prefer to stay dry and warm.

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