Things in Snow

wee box in the snow

Here is a wee box that I put out in the snow! We had a huge blizzard a few days ago so I took a bunch of snow photography. I think it will be fun to take a series of photos of things in snow.

I have also been working on a new version of Smuckles’ Garden Camping Adventures. I replaced a font, fixed a typo, put all the new images in the document, and exported the PDFs. I am waiting for the proof to come in the mail so I can approve it.

I made a completely new design for the cover. A friend of mine who has sold some of my books has told me that parents squint too much at my cover. The characters are too hard to see from far away.

One of the characters is Sherman, a giant slow-moving slug.


I went through a crayon period of photography. Crayons make great photo objects. They are colorful, easy to work with, inert, and small.


I left my vast collection of new and used crayons with some deserving artist friends when I made the cross-country move to Boston, so I’ll have to start amassing new ones!