Windy Hill Open Space Preserve!

Windy Hill Open Space Preserve is a beautiful park in Portola Valley next to Skyline Drive, in the SF Bay Area. See my pictures here. There were lurking frogs, lizards, and tons and tons of wildflowers!

Windy Hill Open Space Preserve

I hiked Henry Coe State Park

And I took a ton of photos. You can see them here.

I acquired a TICK on my hip sometime during the trip (probably when I squatted to pee off the trail.) I found it hours later and yanked it out, and it tried to craw away. ICK!

There were lovely amounts of wildlife to see and hear. I heard tons of frogs croaking, I heard a very loud turkey gobblin’, I saw a turkey (not sure if it was the same one), Peter saw 5 turkeys himself, we saw deer, and we saw turkey vultures swooping overhead.

The hike was 4.5 miles round trip for me — 2.9 miles to Frog Lake (along Frog Flat Trail), then 1 mile back along Hobbs road (very steep!), then .6 miles back along Monument trail.

Henry Coe State Park