Rule of thirds

Rule of thirds is a way of framing photos so that they are more pleasing to the eye. The idea is that if you break up the photo into thirds, the main lines of action should follow the divider lines. For example, if you take a photo of a person, don’t center them exactly in the frame; shift them to a focal point along the left or right divider lines. It is easier to demonstrate with a photo that doesn’t quite meet the standard. Mouseover the following images to see the grid lines:

The photo above doesn’t quite follow the rule of thirds. The stamen is too low and is also cropped off the picture. I would have loved to line this up better.

This photo is a better example of following the rule of thirds:

Here’s another photograph demonstrating rule of thirds:

The horizon is at the lower third divider; the owl is at the leftmost divider.

Rule of thirds is not an absolute rule but it is a great way to frame one’s photos. Let me know of your favorite “rule of third” photos! Posted in response to weekly photo challenge Frame

Abandoned shed

I saw this funky abandoned shed during my road trip across the U.S. a few years back. It is located somewhere in the midwest. This whole farm was a tourist attraction; it was advertised as a bunch of dilapidated farm houses you could explore. I like how you can see the other structure off in the distance from within the forefront shed. I also like how the lines seem to point in a spiral outwards. Normally I like “rule of thirds” photos where the subject is not fully centered, but I think in this case having the entrance in the center of the photograph makes the most sense. The shed in the forefront is a frame in two meanings: a frame or structure made of wood, and a frame or viewport to the outside.

Posted in response to this week’s photo challenge, Frame.

Storm rolling in over Death Valley

This is a storm gathering down the road on the way to Devil’s Racetrack in Death Valley, California. It was probably a three-hour ride down unpaved road but it took us six because we kept stopping to take photos, such as this one. The sun was setting in the background and we never got rained on.

This is for the daily prompt Storm

Abandoned car

I love abandoned bits of urbanity. This car, for instance. What’s going on with those cobwebs? Were those really produced by a spider? It must have been some sort of hyper active mega giant spider. Or perhaps dust gathered on an existing web.

Either way, cool.

Abandoned car in the woods

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