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I have taken the vast majority of these photos with my trusty Nikon D200, which now has a broken on-camera flash. The sensor has finally been cleaned of dust, however! I have the following lenses: 50mm, 90mm (macro), 12-24 (zoom), 18-70 (zoom), 75-300 (zoom). The most useful seems to be the 50mm, which is good for portraits.

Big Sur Horizon

This photo of Big Sur┬áposted in response to today’s daily prompt, Horizon. I took a series of photos left-to-right and then pasted them together in Photoshop to make a panorama. I was fairly outdoorsy when I lived in California and always had my camera (Nikon D200) with me. Nowadays my biggest hobby is writing. Still, my trusty camera and lenses sit on the shelf, waiting for the day when I feel like taking a picture again. Odds are higher that I’ll take photos with my iPhone, and not lug around the heavy Nikon.

Big Sur Panorama

And another Big Sur coastline horizon:

Big Sur Beach

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