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The following tv series and movies all feature horror/hell that comes from the ice. If the wintry weather isn’t out to kill them, what lurks beneath that pristine beauty may be even more dangerous. There is a reason to choose cold, snowy setting for a horror film: the howling wind, the isolation, and the danger. More than that, the beauty of a white winter provides stark contrast the the bloody horror that unfolds.

The Last Winter Movie Review


The Last Winter stars Ron Perlman as an oilman whose corporate intentions threaten the pristine icy setting. Pretty soon, people start dying. A scared and dwindling set of survivors are set against the frigid north. At first no one knows what the source of the problem is, except that it comes from the ice. I liked The Last Winter a lot, because the terror was largely psychological. Make no mistake, there is a lot of gore/grossness, but it starts really slowly and builds up to it.

Subtract points for a little heavy-handed “don’t spoil nature” message. Add points for the suspense and building dread. Compare and contrast with these other horror movies and tv.

See it for the excellent slow-building mood and fine characters

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