I made a random poetry-generator using JSON, JavaScript, and HTML.

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An unconvincing tambourine books a stupid offensive. A fetal masque. Suspending. The boring broom buzzs the attributable squash, says hollow, jealously. I reply, normal. A capitalistic sounding attracts the skilled prodigality.

Responsive design

I have updated several of my websites to be more cleanly responsive. A responsive website will fit any layout, including phone and table. Additionally it should elegantly resize between various sizes on a desktop. Responsive design is best practice because in today’s world of proliferating devices, it means one set of code serving up the widest set of platforms; it also doesn’t lock the user into a specific design.

I build responsive websites using a combination of pure CSS media queries (using Sass, or Syntactically Awesome Stylesheets), Bootstrap, Respond.js as a responsive polyfill for older browsers, and Google’s HTML5 shim for older browsers. Ankiewicz.com is built using WordPress and PHP. Monsters.net is built using Jekyll and Liquid. Both sites use jQuery and JavaScript.

Resize the following websites in your browser, or visit them on your phone and tablet:

Want a custom theme, a WordPress install on your own domain, or a responsive design? Contact me.