On writing

I am working on a novel. It lacks… cohesion. I need to plot the plot points.

Anyone have any tools that they use specifically for plotting out a story? I already use Scrivener to do the writing, but I don’t like how it does notes on scenes, and I can’t seem to export the scenes into a legible format.

Words I am fond of, this week.

That stretch of beach was redolent of seaweed.
Shades of vermillion reminded her of urban gardens in the summer.
Olympic National Park is lush and verdant.
The ubiquitous grasslands marked the horizon.
In a spasm of misplaced confidence, she quit her day job.
She might have stayed up for a second all-nighter but she was feeling a bit crispy.
She liked his voice: deep, resonant, and smooth.

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My biggest form of procrastination comes from websites: where to host them, how to design them, and how to finesse the code to be as pure as possible. None of this really helps me continue to write. It’s a fun process (I love web design) but inevitably I find myself at 2am wondering why my apache rewrites aren’t working or where my regular expresssions went wrong. What is your biggest form of procrastination?