History of the Bonnevies

Bonnevie in French means good life. There is a large community of Bonnevies in both France as well as New Brunswick, Canada. Many migrated south along the east coast through Maine. Bonnevies from the Acadian region of North America and New Brunswick transferred down to Louisana and later became part of Cajun culture. I have distant Cajun relatives, also living the good life!

In 1696, Jacques Bonnevie Sr. moved from Paris to the Cap-pelé settlements in New Brunswick, Canada. Seven generations later, my mother, Claudette Marie (Bonnevie) Ankiewicz, was born to Aimé and Elda (Leblanc) Bonnevie. These pages aim to document my maternal family history and genealogy, capture the beauty of photos and records passed down through the years, and present snippets of New Brunswick French-Canadian culture.

Claudette Ankiewicz
Claudette Ankiewicz
b. 1944 Massachusetts

Aime Bonnevie's parents
Simon and Dometilde Bonnevie
b. 1849, 1850 New Brunswick

Children of Simon and Dometilde Bonnevie
Children of Simon and Dometilde
b. 1874-1895 New Brunswick

Elda Bonnevie
Elda Bonnevie
b. 1905 New Brunswick